Southern Charm Equestrian Horses

Moon - Mustang, born 05/08/2018

Blaze n’ Sing’s Moondance, or affectionally called Moon, currently stands at 13.3hh with room to grow. He’s a Grulla Appaloosa Spanish Mustang stud – one of only 3,000 left in the United States.

He was born in the pasture on May 8 th 2018. He’s got heterochromia, with one blue eye and one brown eye with blue specks. He’s our AWSSR stud prospect with potential for eventing. But for now, he’s enjoying growing up in our pastures.


Cricket and Maverick - 6 and 7 years old

Cricket was seized by the SPCA and adopted by us February 1 st . She was fairly underweight and took a few days to get out of her shell. She now whinnies at anyone who walks by her paddock.

While she’s still nervous, she loves getting attention. She will lower her head and fall asleep while you hug her head and give her rubs. She will eventually be a trail horse with potential for some mounted shooting events.

Maverick is an OTTB born in 2013. He was seized by the SPCA and adopted February 1st. He came very underweight, with many anxious issues. He had no confidence, severe ulcers, buddy sour, and weaved a lot. He has started his ulcer medication and we hope to see improvement soon.