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After many years of living urban lifestyle and the cultural mix of northern and southern American towns and cities, we decided to join the country homesteading lifestyle.

We were not born to country living. Both, my husband and I work in Information Technology related field. Even though the city vibe worked well for us, we were changing and our longing for a simpler life was growing stronger.

Over time our dreams combined with our concerns about food, the economy, and other matters really started pulling us in a different direction. Our two children have grown up, and the school was already behind.

The other important thing is our family loves dogs very much. They bring a lot of joy to our lives and dogs are much happier when they have plenty of space roaming around! Our daughter is also totally in love with horses, she always wanted her own horse, or better a horse ranch.

So, here we are, at the beginning of our homestead journey located in lovely Texas.

GlenValley Ranch

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Canton, TX 75103

Tel. 901-800-9777


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